Kinsmen Jackpot Bingo Kicks off the Bruce Oake Recovery Centre “Save a Life Campaign” with a $300,000 Donation 2020 – Winnipeg, Manitoba -

2020 – Winnipeg, Manitoba - The Bruce Oake Recovery Centre is pleased to announce construction of the facility, while adhering to COVID-19 protocols, has continued uninterrupted and will be complete in a matter of months. The response of Manitobans to our Capital Campaign has been extraordinary and today we are launching our “Save A Life” campaign targeting 1.5 million dollars annually. This will ensure everyone has access to treatment regardless of financial status. Money is most often the single greatest barrier to recovery, and we are committed to ensuring no one is left behind at Bruce Oake. We are delighted to report “Save A Life” is off to a running start with a 300,000-dollar commitment from the Kinsmen Club of Winnipeg through the proceeds of Kinsmen Jackpot Bingo. This gift helps ensure the treatment program at Bruce Oake will begin immediately upon opening and will continue seamlessly.

As a part of Kin Canada, our mission is to serve the community’s greatest need. In light of the tragedy that 13.5% of Manitobans deal with addiction and that this is higher than the national average of 11%, we see a need to support the great work of the Bruce Oake Recovery Centre in their efforts to help some of the most needy among us. We are proud to announce a donation of $300,000 to the “Save a Life” campaign to help steward our fellow Manitobans through this world class recovery centre and program. We are excited to see what kind of positive impact the Bruce Oake Recovery Centre will have on our city and province as a whole in their efforts to assist those struggling with addictions.” – The Kinsmen Club of Winnipeg

Scott Oake, President of The Bruce Oake Memorial Foundation said “The Kinsmen Jackpot Bingo gift is timely and gives our Board the confidence to launch our annual “Save A Life” campaign. The generosity of the Kinsmen and Manitobans in general is humbling. The support we have received in building the centre and now in funding the program has been touching. Clearly Manitobans are coming together to save lives.”

The Bruce Oake Recovery Centre is scheduled to open in late spring of next year. Meantime we must continue to do the work to raise the funds needed to give those suffering from addiction and their families their lives back. 

For further information please contact: Michele Halverson The Bruce Oake Memorial Foundation 204-396-9773